Kicking and Screaming



In 2011 my wife and I made the long trek from Indiana to South Carolina – and neither of us really wanted to go through the move.

South Carolina had never been on the radar and we knew very little of the state, the people, the history, etc. Sweet tea, y’all, and Clemson vs. South Carolina were unfamiliar to us. All we that we knew is that we were being uprooted from everything that was comfortable and being forced into a position that was unwanted. Sure, we said all the right things, spent countless hours discussing all of the new possibilities, and looked forward to meeting new people. Yet this change was a disaster as far as we were concerned.

In the end we came down here kicking and screaming.

This really is where my pursuit of simplicity, or minimalism if you prefer, truly began. While I always had tendencies that made me able to purge material items without mercy it was the move from a house to an apartment that forced me to make some hard choices about what I was allowing into our lives. Despite some difficult choices , the shedding off of all of the extra ‘stuff’ was easier than expected, and certainly created a feeling that a burden was being lifted. Less stuff = less stress.Yet something more was taking place that at the time I could not have explained.

We never expected to fall in love with South Carolina. I never expected that a desire for simplicity would trickle down into other aspects of life. But as I look back at 2016 and compare how we live our life now as to 5 years ago I am astounded at the changes. Many aspects were small, incremental changes and others were much larger which will come to fruition in 2017. Yet with each change my thirst for simplicity, slowness, and quality over quantity has increased. As I continue to age gracefully (or at least I hope I am) I’d like to think I have a voice to speak  to how to live differently in a culture that values speed, productivity , and consumerism and treats them as the pinnacles of virtue.

For the next few weeks I hope to be able to write about some of the things that we discovered in 2016 that are affecting our point of view in 2017. I hope you’ll come along for the journey.



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