Awhile back I posted about deleting my Twitter account and looking back it still has been a great decision. The constant need to check my feed and see what was going on the world created a bit of FOMO that I never could quite shake.

After doing this I wondered what else could I live without whether it be some other type of social media, a routine, or even material possessions.

What I’ve learned over the last 3 years is that I enjoy the process of hacking – specifically hacking various aspects of my life. However, I noticed that the direction I attempted to take was usually influenced by what I was reading or what other people were doing.

For example – I have attempted numerous times to create a routine where I get up early in the morning in order to create a buffer between when I wake and when I need to actually start preparing for work. Numerous experts have touted the benefits of waking early so I figured I’d give it a shot. At various times I have woken up at 5am taking time to read and pray for a bit and then work out. After doing so I would engage in the rest of my morning routine so that I could get out the door by 7am. In regards to productivity this was great – I never missed a day of reading or working out. However there was a negative side – my sleep suffered immensely. No matter how early I went to bed or what I did to increase the quality of my sleep (including the use of melatonin) my typical night of rest was not very restful at all. Being sleep deprived takes the fun out of accomplishing more. In truth I was miserable.

So I stopped waking up at 5am.

Strangely enough I started sleeping better and simply slid my reading and workout to later in the evening. What I’ve known all along is that I am more of a night owl. While I love quiet mornings and enjoy getting things accomplished early, my brain and body is not fully functional until later in the day. This means that I remember more of what I read when doing so later in the evening, my workouts are better, even my food choices are healthier. I’ve realized that all of the hacking I was doing was linked to other people’s expectations e.g. mornings are better, organic is better, etc. I attempted to mold my life within that framework of thinking and I never quite experienced the results I expected.

So I started hacking again.

As I’ve gotten older I have learned my body intuitively knows what it needs. From the amount of sleep I need, to the foods I eat, to the type of exercise that is required. While reading the latest trends about health and nutrition can be beneficial what you begin to realize is that most of what we are told we need to do isn’t quite a need and can change from month to month.

So I’ve narrowed my focus even further and am looking at ways to simplify current routines and habits. I’ll have an update next week on one specific area that is having an unexpected positive result.



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