Change of Focus

Like a lot of people my age I can have difficulties committing to anything that could potentially remove options. If I choose path A then it is likely I cannot go down path B. Yet I still attempt to do both with the full knowledge this is impossible. But when one commits to a path, when they invest their time and energy into what is needed to succeed on the path, it can be amazing the doors that are opened. True, it may remove potential opportunities in one direction and yet it can open up an array of possibilities.

For much too long I have been sitting on the fence regarding a variety of things. As I speak to friends and colleagues I realize I’m certainly not alone and yet that does not fill me with any confidence. I don’t want to be someone who stands for nothing and never pursues what is most important to me. Like all people I’ve been given certain skills and gifts yet I have rarely used them to their full potential. Sometimes this has been due to a fear of failure, or a concern of what others will think of me, but these are never good reasons to hesitate in moving forward.

Because of this the focus of this blog is going to change. While I will still be writing about simple living the focus will be more on the church and how the ideas of simplicity can affect how the church functions. As there appears to be some changes on the horizon concerning how the church interacts with the culture it will be important that we flesh out what this will look like.

I don’t pretend to have all of the answers, however my hope is that I can provide some answers which can be used as a springboard for future conversation. I hope you’ll be willing to join me on this journey.

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